African Heroes Month (Ahmed Sékou Touré)

Ahmed Sékou Touré was the man to lead Guinea to independence from France and become the country’s first President in 1958. Touré is widely regarded as one of Africa’s greatest political leaders and was also a Pan-Africanist who fought hard for African unity.

Born in 1922 in Faranah, Guinea, Toure came from a humble background and developed a love for political activism around the age of 14 years when he led a student revolt against a French Technical school at Conakry from where he was later dismissed.

Sékou Touré had a very good relationship with Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and this was shown in 1966 when Touré offered him asylum in Guinea and gave him the honorary title of co-president.

Being that we are in a time where racism is being condemned and protested against, here’s an important quote by Sékou Touré on the unacceptable practice of racism:
“People are not born with racial prejudices. For example, children have none. Racial questions are questions of education. Africans learned racism from the European. Is it any wonder that they now think in terms of race — after all they’ve gone through under colonialism?”

Ahmed Sékou Touré died on March 26, 1984 aged 62 after having heart complications.


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